Pink Quill Cocodema -
Pink Quill Cocodema -
Pink Quill Cocodema -

Pink Quill Cocodema

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About Pine Cocodema:

It will be a great New Year's gift for your loved ones with the intense pine scent on the leaves of the mini pine plant with a small structure that does not exceed 1 meter! In the Kokedama design, “Chameacyparis Lawsoniana Elwoodii” pine is used together with a handmade ceramic plate. The Elwodii plant, which can be easily maintained in living rooms and offices with its appearance that brings the winter season to the house and its air purification feature, is also known as the "fake cypress".

Pine Cocodema should be watered abundantly in every period and the leaves should be sprayed with water frequently. In winter, the potting soil should be kept slightly moist by reducing the water given during the rest period (October to February).

The plant used in this design is “animal friendly”!

Maintenance Information:

You should keep your Pine Cocodema in a container full of water for 10-15 minutes every 5 days. You can put the Pine Cocodema out of the water in its original place after squeezing it lightly so as not to distort its shape in order to purify it of excess water. Pine Cocodema withstands cold down to -25°C. It should be kept away from heat and moist as much as possible. Shade and penumbra areas are suitable for Pine Cocodema. Pine Cocodema cannot tolerate intense midday heat and air conditioning for long.

  • This design is “Animal Friendly”.
  • Delivered with Ceramic Handmade Base.
  • Doesn't Need Direct Sunlight.


  • Height: 35cm x 40cm
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